Bibleworld Books

A resource to help churches encourage children to engage with the Bible.

Bibleworld Books

Bibleworld Books are storybooks, based on the Bible text, with bright, original illustrations. They promote literacy, reading and learning, while helping children to explore the Bible. NEW age specific and intergenerational resources based on these books are coming soon!”

Book 2 Scene 15
SBS 5000 scene 12 (1)
Jesus Walks on Water

Bright, original illustrations

Jesus heals a man

Adapted from the Bible text



Promoting literacy & learning


"My child now has an understanding of Bible stories, and enjoys writing stories and reading more at home."


Aberdour Primary School

"I am more appreciative that the Christian faith is community and not a building."


Aberdour Primary School

"I like it because it helps you with reading and I love reading and I like writing stories."

P4 Pupil

Burntisland Primary School

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